1 day trip to Hua Ta Khe

September 5, 2016

Hua Ta Khe market is an ancient market with over 112 years old. This community located in

Lad Krabang district. Today we took a local train from Hua Mak station to Hua Ta Kae train station.   Hua Mak st.   >   Lad Krabang st.   >   Prajomklao st.   >   Hua ta Khe st.


When arrive Hua Ta Khe you can walk trough Pravet Burirom canal or take a taki bike (10 THB ) to the market. You will see the charm of this quiet community along the way. 


This community open their shops which are also their houses on Mon.-Fri. 

Ask us for more detail if you wish to be there. We will provide you direction in details!